Juan Ponce

Director of Horticulture

Metrolina Greenhouses

Juan graduated from National University of Colombia and currently works as a Director of Horticulture at Metrolina Greenhouses. For 13 years worked as head grower in propagation introducing multiple successful programs in biocontrol. Prior to joining Metrolina he served as entomology curator at the museum Francisco Luis Gallego in Medellin, Colombia, and pest inspector for the Colombian Agriculture Institute -ICA.

Juan has been sharing his work and experience in different events; in 2016, he participated as speaker at the 6th Annual Symposium for Professionals in the Horticulture and Landscape Industry at The Arboretum in Asheville NC. in 2022; was invited as a speaker at Plug & Cutting Conference from American Hort. in “Biocontrol Programs: Pushing the Limits” in Denver CO. and during November of 2022 joined the ESA, ESC, and ESBC Annual Meeting Entomology at Vancouver, Canada. With a work of Implementing commercial use of microbials in propagation as a part of Integrated Pest Management.