Dr. Zheng Wang

Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor

The University of California Cooperative Extension

Dr. Zheng Wang serves as a Vegetable Crops and Irrigation Farm Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension in northern San Joaquin Valley, California. His research and extension program focuses on implementing innovative production practices to enhance vegetable productivity, water use efficiency, and crop health through multi-disciplinary collaborations with local producers, various industry, and commodity organizations. Currently, Dr. Wang conducts applied field research with various biologics and sustainable production practices on a variety of vegetable commodities across California’s Central Valley. As an extension professional, results of his research trials and other science-based information are disseminated to the broader stakeholder community and have generated measurable impacts on the vegetable industry. Dr. Wang earned his PhD in Horticulture from University of Kentucky and then completed his post-doctoral study at The Ohio State University.

Zheng Wang