Dr. Kadie Britt

Postdoctoral Scholar

UC Riverside Department of Entomology

Dr. Kadie Britt is a postdoctoral scholar affiliated with the University of California Riverside Department of Entomology, located at the Kearney Agricultural Research Extension Center in Parlier, CA working with Dr. Houston Wilson. Her postdoctoral research is focused on arthropod pest management in hemp and cannabis with an ultimate goal of improving the sustainability of pest management practices in these systems. Prior to arriving in California, Kadie earned her PhD working with Dr. Thomas Kuhar in the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology where her doctorate research focused on arthropod pest management in hemp. Kadie has worked with growers and Extension personnel in California, Virginia, and beyond to learn about and help alleviate issues faced by those growing hemp and cannabis in field and indoor settings. Her passion within entomology is Extension and the opportunity to work with growers.