Zamir K. Punja

Professor, Plant Pathology

Simon Fraser University

Dr. Zamir Punja is a Professor of Plant Pathology and Biotechnology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, with expertise in plant pathogens, tissue culture, and molecular biology. He obtained his Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Davis.

Before joining Simon Fraser University, Zamir was the manager of plant biotechnology for Campbell Soup Company, where he researched cucumber and carrot diseases. Since then, his research has included investigating diseases of greenhouse vegetables, ginseng, blueberry, and wasabi. His group has utility of reduced risk products, including biocontrol agents, for disease management. Recently, his lab has developed methods for identifying and managing new and emerging diseases of cannabis, including the application of biocontrol agents. Zamir’s recent work with cannabis has produced numerous scientific publications and established him as one of the leading cannabis disease researchers in North America.

Zamir Punja