Reed Britt


Ron Britt & Associates

Reed Britt is anindependent consultant and researcher who works for Ron Britt & Associates. He works with growers developing programs to control pest and disease issues in their orchards in Washington’s Yakima Valley. As a researcher, he conducts residue and efficacy studies on new and existing chemistries for both commercial and organic products. 

Reed has also worked for Washington State University’s Irrigated Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Prosser, WA, as a lab technician focused primarily on pollinating insect research including honeybee toxicity studies under Dr. Dan Mayer. He also worked for Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) as a program trainer for the advisor program. 

Reed received a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Denver in Denver, CO. He worked for the 18th District Attorney’s Office and then practiced on a contract basis for the Alternate Defense Council, an independent branch of the state’s Public Defender Office. 

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