BioSolutions is the must-attend event to get targeted focus on biologicals with grounded, real-world production information.

You’ll discover:

  1. How to use biologicals more effectively in today’s evolving IPM programs 
  2. New and innovative products 
  3. New categories of biological tools – from biostimulants to biofertilizers — available to optimize your production 
  4. How to apply new technology solutions to improve your decision making and maximize the effectiveness of these tools 
  5. How it all comes together to provide sustainability for your production, for the environment, and ultimately for your business, your customers, and the consumer. 

The 2023 Conference Delivers High-Level Information and In-Depth Discussions

Plant and Soil Health: Building Blocks of a Quality Crop

Strong crops begin with a healthy environment to take root. Researchers, suppliers, and growers are discovering how complex the systems are that feed the roots of a plant. Biostimulants and other new tools are shifting some of the grower’s focus from pest management to a more holistic approach to plant quality. Whether you’re growing in field, the orchard, or the greenhouse, you’ll leave this year’s event with a better understanding of how all the pieces work together.

Application, Monitoring, and Precision: The Technology of Biocontrol

From smart sprayers and drones to sensors and the use of data for diagnostics and decision-making, there are more application methods and tools available for biological products than ever before. At this year’s BioSolutions Conference & Expo, we’ll take a closer look at technological advancements that can help you make the best use of the materials you apply.

Biological Solutions to Key Specialty Crop Pests

Every season brings new pests to the field, orchard, vineyard, and greenhouse, wreaking havoc on the quality of your crop and on finely tuned IPM programs. Climate disruptions are only exacerbating the issue. You need information on the latest strategies to manage them. Throughout the 2023 BioSolutions Conference & Expo, the country’s leading experts share their insights into key pests and the role biologicals can play in protecting your valuable crops.

New Biological Tools and Technologies

New traditional chemical control products are harder to come by than ever before, but each year brings a fresh wave of useful biological solutions to your most pressing production challenges. A focus on the unique new tools and services available to you is a centerpiece of this year’s event. Come get a sneak preview of the latest biopesticide, biostimulant, and other biological product introductions you’ll be seeing in 2024.